Life Beyond the Mardi Gras in New Orleans


New Orleans is the only city that would celebrate after a natural disaster as large as “Katrina”. The Mardi Gras time comes the citizens join together to open up their city and their hearts to everyone who wants to join in the festival. But before and afterwards life for everyone was harsh at first. In remembrance everything seemed gray. The beautiful port of New Orleans no longer seemed inviting. The city in total disaster and the people’s hearts broken. Today the people of New Orleans claim that “Love Lifted Me”, from the worst disaster imaginable.


New Orleans the City


Today many homes have been rebuilt along with some of the major businesses. The town has recovered to a certain extent. You can walk the streets and find the café style restaurants and the French style of homes clean and back in place. The business owners have managed to set up again furnishing the residents the essentials they need in life. They also have many new things in the city because of the destruction of the old buildings new stores and offices were created. The sidewalks are now covered with the beautiful flowers that once grew before. The French Quarters are restored offering much of the French cuisine in the restaurants and market places. Hope is abundant among many of the residents who suffered from that tragic time.


The People of New Orleans


We all need the courage of the people who survived “Katrina” to be able to pick up the pieces and go forward. Not only was the Hurricane a major disaster but the after math was a disaster as well. Many died on that day and families were broken because of this horrific event. The lack of help to get food, water, and to replace homes was an emotional strain. You would have thought that the city would have become deserted. People leaving from every corner with lack of hope and no comfort.


Today you find a stronger city with the people who embraced each other and rebuilt their homes because of the strength in their hearts. Now the children are back in school and hospitals are back in service. Restaurants are going full force. Retail is back up to par while souvenirs are always available to the tourists. You find that the people have the strength of “iron” and are able to resume life again. They provide tourists with parades, dances, and parties not only during Mardi Gras but at other times of the year.




Life beyond the Mardi Gras in New Orleans has returned too better than normal for its citizens. People are stout and their hearts are strong for the endurance and recovery. The beautiful city of New Orleans has rebuilt and dedicated itself to show the world how they can survive the storms of life and the major storm that hit their city. The streets are still beautiful with flowers, the Cajun food is abundant, and the shrimping goes on as usual. The beautiful city of New Orleans is a place to go for vacation not only during Mardi Gras but other times of the year. You will be amazed at how many things you can see and enjoy. Blessed is New Orleans and all the people therein.!



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